Dynamically link to user account

I’ve been trying to create a dynamic link to the user’s profile in several formats, such as:

[profile picture](https://forum.domain.com/u/%{current_user})
[profile picture](https://forum.domain.com/u/%{profile})
[profile picture](https://forum.domain.com/u/%{data-user-card})

Unfortunately none of them were successful. Does anyone have an idea if this is possible?

Use case: I want people to upload a profile picture during onboarding and provide them with a link straight away to remove any friction.

You can use something like this

[profile picture](https://forum.domain.com/my/preferences/account)

/my/ here will be handled by the app and will redirect the user to the respective page on their profile.


Thanks @Johani for the quick reply!

Out of curiosity: could I’ve found this somewhere easily? (I’ve been digging quite some time via developer tools…)

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Well, “easily” is a bit subjective, no?

You would’t really find this if you’re just looking at devTools, but I’m sure it’s documented here on Meta somewhere.

As a general rule, I would recommend using the search icon in the header and if you don’t get an answer in the results that come up, then feel free to ask about it. We’re OK with that :+1:


Haha, great, that’s exactly what I did!


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