How to pass USERNAME in '<USERNAME>/summary'

I need to add a link in the left sidebar as a shortcut for users getting straight to ‘My profile’.

Clues? I see you can meck about with js but I figure there MUST be a dynamic value to pass for the currently logged in user. Just can’t find the syntax for it :slight_smile:

/my/summary does what you want. Not sure where you can easily find that, though.


Couldn’t find any tips-and-tricks profile topic about this. Might be a good and short candidate… Not sure about the right keywords to use so we can find it easily with the search though. :slight_smile:

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I think just “how to link to user profile” would do it unless those words are all too generic to make the search work.

I got a link to How To Link To A User's Tabs? I in the suggested topics below this post. And Dynamically link to user account and some others.


why does the avatar menu profile tab not work?

also i searched “link to profile” and got it second item in search results.

I’m just bad at search apparently :sweat_smile:

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Not bad, just worse than the AI. And so it begins :joy_cat:


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