Easiest way to pull other users in on a discussion non-publicly?

Hi, quite often I know who would be the best candidate to answer a question. What is the best, non-public way to pull these users in to a discussion? Just posting a few words to be able to @mention them seems silly and is also too public as it almost forces them to participate.

If you going to mention only staff members then the below plugin will be help you.

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Nice plugin! I could definitely use this for another use-case where I abuse flags right now. Awesome.

But this question is actually about normal community members that I want to rope into a conversation.

How about using the “invite” button on topics? It seems like exactly what you need.


I’m on mobile right now. Does this exist here? Can’t find it :confused:

Yes. It is exist on mobile view. Are you using SSO feature? If no then check your SiteSettings for invites.

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Invites are only available at trust level 2 and higher.


I found it on my site, seem to be to untrusted here. Thanks all, exactly what I was looking for.


Actually, maybe not. Used it a few times where it worked just fine - but now I had the use case where I actually wanted the person to tell WHY I invite them and what I expect of them. Is there a way to attach a message with the invitation?

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For that I recommend a PM.

Ok, makes sense as adapting the Invite system to contain additional text doesn’t seem really possible. Shame.