Easy install fails on AWS EC2 + Ubuntu 14.04

I followed the 30 min installation instructions on Ubuntu 14.04 on AWS EC2 and the webserver is not started like the instructions say it should be. I am expecting the server to listen on port 80, but curling returns an empty result, curl 127.0.01. I also tried:

  • curling the domain I used during setup, which says connection reset by peer
  • curling the IP address which the installation log says the docker image is running on, “”, and it says connection refused.

Here is a dump of the installation log: https://gist.github.com/bdombro/e312641d3663978fee215500a9a0b006

The Docker host IP is; the container’s IP address will most likely be, but you should confirm that with docker inspect app | grep IPAddress.


Thanks for the response, Matt.

I determined that NGINX was failing to start because it can’t find the SSL cert from Letsencrypt. Letsencrypt was failing because I was using Cloudflare as my nameserver, which I now know interferes with Letsencrypt. I disabled the SSL template in my app.yml and rebuilt, and viola! NGINX was alive and well.

Hope this helps someone else, too.


Hey, @tgxworld. Can or should the let’s script template check for people using cloud flare?

Maybe even better would be having better fault tolerance and/or warnings for when Let’s Encrypt fails.

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