Easy Responsive Footer

i’m glad that help @volanar :slight_smile:


Probably, it is worth making changes to the component so that everything works perfectly by default, without custom code.


i believe the reverse color scheme is intended for this component, and the various classes are there so that the footer can be customized for specific forum needs just as you have now :slight_smile:

perhaps a PR for an option to flip the color variables could be made? :thinking:


Hello footer fans! This component was recently refactored: DEV: use dasherize, update user-input classnames to data-attrs (#33) · discourse/Discourse-easy-footer@68b9972 · GitHub

This won’t affect most people, but I removed the class names that are applied to each link — previously a class containing the link name was added to each link, and unfortunately this meant that if you happened to name your link the same as some class name throughout Discourse, you could get unwanted results.

So for example, if you had a link called “alert” or “spinner” you’d get some unintended clashes with some styles within Discourse:


These are the most apparent examples, but there are hundreds of potential class names to get caught up in.

So after updating, if you used CSS to edit these links in any way previously, you’ll have to update your class names:


.my-link-name {
  background: red;


[data-easyfooter-link="my-link-name"] {
  background: red;

This avoids any possible name clashes.


Hi, how to disable this theme component on the channel and thread pages?

in chat the html element gets the class has-full-page-chat… so you can probably do this with a little CSS:

.has-full-page-chat .below-footer-outlet.custom-footer {
  display: none;

Good morning,

Is there a possible way to reduce the prominence of some of the outdated topics on the homepage? I would prefer to display only the most recent month or two, in order to minimise clutter.

I have checked the admin/site_settings/category/basic section, where I believe the solution might be found. However, there are several options to consider.

Consequently, I am able to incorporate a user-friendly responsive footer into the forum. However, to view it, one must scroll to the very end of the homepage, where the forum’s inception in 2021 is marked.

Thanks @awesomerobot for this CSS workaround.

For the records, the reason why I am using it is that the footer unexpectedly pops up in personal chat, reducing the height available for the messages and keyboard. On some phone it makes it a challenge. It’s surprising since on all other pages the footer is hidden until we scroll it up.

Edit: tested on both Android and iPhone apps.

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New Twitter/X logo

Apologies for what is probably a really simple question,

How is everyone updating the new twitter link to the X logo. I tried to find the right fab name to add in the footer settings but I can’t get it to work.

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It would be good if you can let the Blurb and Blurb Title empty and that it then will also skip the div for this content (so the link headers start left - or even better, make it configurable if they should start left and if they should strech out).

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Some recent upgrade completely killed the footer: although no setting changed at all, it now displays the defaults, which are very not compatible and show links we never wanted in the first place.

How to fix the footer to restore the actual customization that did not change?

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Ah yes, sorry about that. I think this was due to a theme setting update. If you re-save your settings it should all come good again. eg. add a space to a setting value and save (and then remove the extra space again, re-save).


I tried this out but it’s really odd when you remove the columns. Is there a version of this that can be installed that doesn’t have the need for the text columns? How do you change colors?

Let’s say I wanted to add in things like a “Youtube subscribe” javascript code?