Easy sitemap with Apple's look. What's best?

(John Redding) #1

My folks are rarely engineers. One such needs to constantly redo or upgrade the tabular sitemap using everyday apps (such as Google Docs). It needs to easily replace the sitemap we want to ‘front-end’ Discourse. My users are assume to be technically illiterate, thus the site-map is a requirement for us. I’d be delighted to receive suggestions or hear from someone. Many thanks.

(Jeff Atwood) #2

Sorry I don’t understand? Can you provide a screenshot or diagram of what you mean?

(Mittineague) #3

If you mean an HTML sitemap page and not a sitemap.xml there might be a way to pull paths out.

I don’t know how the web dev tool Ember extension does it, but it seems if it does there should be a way to do it too.

Assuming the users would understand


Maybe all the paths that don’t have “slug” would be good enough?

(John Redding) #4

Many thanks Jeff. I like the look and most especially the utilityand ease-of-ude of Apple’s sitemap Site Map - Apple . Why? Its tabular and ’ in 1 click any mere mortal can get to within a whisker of the stuff they want to look at’. I want to produce a front-end very much like it. Of course, the table’s cells need to be easily and quickly changeable by a mere mortal. What is the best way to do that? A shoot from the hip hint may be found by creating a Google Doc and inserting a table. Such tables are easily created, edited, expanded and whatever. Said Doc can be saved in many formats including HTML (which may be salient). So maybe an easy first-cut is to easily export as HTML then import the HTML into Discourse or maybe take the exporte HTML and translate it into HTML5 and import it or link it to Discourse. Warning. I’m sure there are more elegant approaches but I hope to create my first sitemap on Sunday evening or Monday morning.


Hey John,

I’ve embedded Google Slides directly as an iFrame into the Header and Top of Discourse using the customise section in Admin. Here’s an example showing cars:

It works really well and you have the added advantage of being able to maintain it easily in Google Docs/Slides. No reason why you couldn’t do the same with a Google Doc rather than Google Slides and make it whatever size you wanted using CSS.

You can also paste a Google Doc link directly into a topic and it will render the Doc/Slide in the topic, although you’d probably want to override the topic CSS to make it larger than the topic default.



(John Redding) #6

Many thanks. This certainly seems sensible. As well, it seems that one of our Admins will find it a slam-dunk to set it up.

(John Redding) #7

Many thanks. I want to have a sitemap page and Apple’s is a sound
example. I want mere mortals to fill-in the cells, add cells, add rows,
add colums anf format the text within the cells.

A table in Google Docs does this and can be “printed” as HTML. So this
seems easy to this stage.

Of course, a more elegant and easier solution, net-net, for me would be a
Eureka event !!

Thanks for your reply and suggestion. Is your original one still your
best one or has a good kind of Muse embedded a better one in your mind?