Easy Wordpress installation

What would be the easiest way to install wordpress without programming skills?

I was wondering weather there is a tool like with which i can choose a tamplet and then install it on wordpress with some clicks. Then I can go in discourse settings and install some plugins i like for example “voting” or different themes for example twitter like theme etc.

I was also wondering if it is possible to connect with other discourse forums (shared categories or shared posts)

And last i was wondering if there is a discourse ID / profile where i see all discourse forums i am member of and from where i can see all updates from all forums.

kind regards and happy christmas :slight_smile:


Sign up for Wordpress hosting from some place like Siteground.

Not sure what you mean. Install Discourse on Wordpress? Discourse runs separately from WP. You need a second hosting provider or server. There are instructions here for how to get a Discourse instance up and running easily using Digital Ocean. Once you have both up and running, you need to install the WP-Discourse plugin on your Wordpress site to connect them.

Yes, once you have Discourse up and running, it is pretty easy to install Themes and Plugins from inside the admin settings.


No, but there is an iOS so that will allow you to manually add the Discourse forums you are part of and you will see notifications of new posts in each one.