Edit Category UI issue

Recently attempted to implement a Topic Template for a category. Template works as expected, filling in when new topic is blank and category is selected from drop down. However, when re-entering the category editor, the “preview” for the Topic Template is superimposed on all tabs. Image is included below:

Reproduction steps:

  1. Create a topic template in the category edit interface.
  2. Save the topic template.
  3. Re-open category edit interface.

Note: I am a moderator of the site, not an Admin, but can get an admin involved if necessary for a proper fix.

Probably a legit bug for @eviltrout to look at tomorrow.

Thanks for letting me know:



Hey there @eviltrout, so I am not familiar with how bug patching works on discourse as this is my first one reported. Should this fix appear instantly? Do the site admins need to pull an update manually? Or does this fix not come into place until the next release?

The next time we deploy you’ll get it. We usually deploy at least once a week, though it can vary if you are an enterprise (dedicated container) hosted customer.