Unexpected behavior with topic templates for Uncategorized

I’m having an issue where I set the “Uncategorized” category template but when the user in the Discourse home creates a topic, which automatically uses the category “Uncategorized” the template is not loaded. I can only see the category template when creating a topic in the “Uncategorized” category page. Is that a bug? Thanks!


I’m seeing the same thing. It seems like unexpected behavior to me, so I’ve moved this into its own #bug topic.

I’m not 100% sure how this should work since Uncategorized is not a standard category, so let’s see what the rest of the team thinks!


Ok thank you @tshenry. The “Uncategorized” category even though it’s not a standard category, it has the template section on the configuration, and it works as expected on one use case so IMHO I would expect to also work on other use cases where that category is used to create a topic.