Need help in changing the text on the button new topic

I have created a new category called knowledge articles and it has button + New topic

the requirement is to change the text from "+ New Topic " to “Post an Article”

How can i do it ?

You can use


where do i find the category id ?

You can find it for example by navigating to the category and looking at the url. For example the id of the support category here is 6.


Thank you it worked

when i used this component it created a new button like the screenshot below.


can we remove the new topic button and show only the button Post a New Idea which i have created.

That theme component should only rename the button text and not create a second one. Do you have something else that could possibly be adding in the second button?

Yes earlier it just renamed but when i tried yesterday it created a new button instead on renaming the existing button.

I have updated the component and now it is working as expected.

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