Edited posts are not sent via email in mailing list mode

only newly-created posts are sent via email.
when someone edits a post, changes are not sent via email. this leads to a lack of information for those who use Discourse only based on email.

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I think this is by design and not a bug. Mailing list mode already generates a huge number of emails, so not sending new emails for edits may have been put in place to limit the number of emails that get sent.


it might be by design but this is not what you expect, right? my understanding is that the mailing list mode mimics mailing lists. as such, any edit of a previously sent email requires a new email.

most importantly: (1) the current situation does not allow users of Discourse to rely on email. (2) it leads to an unfair situation. users who use the web interface receive complete information in contrast to email users.

is there any way to disable the “edit” option?

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Several ways to do this. You can set the minimum trust level to higher than your email-only users have. min trust to edit post is that option. You can also set a limit on how long they have to edit their posts: post edit time limit.

I would recommend making sure that your editing grace period is set to less than your email time window mins

My personal suggestion would not be to disable editing, because literally everyone posts and then says “Oh crap, I made a typo.” (I edited this post 4 times before I was done.) Set your edit timer to say, 5 minutes, and your email timer to longer than that, say 10 minutes. On my forum, we allow editing forever because it’s all tracked, but many people have a limit and after that you can’t edit anymore.

You can find all these settings and more in admin settings by searching for edit