In Mailing List Mode allow users to receive copies of their own posts

I’m coming from a mailing list environment (mailman) in which users got copies of their own posts. I’m running in mailing list mode, but users who post via email won’t get copies of their own posts, so they’re not sure if they got through or not.

Could an option be added to allow users to get emails of their own posts?

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i believe the setting is default email mailing list mode frequency and if you set it to “send email for every new post” they get notified of their own posts (the other option is “send an email for every new post except my own”).

users can also set this in their own preferences (with “send me an email for every new post” or “send an email for every new post except my own”) in their own mailing list mode, so i think it can be overridden there.

That’s true in the site settings, but in the user profile the options are:

Send me an email for every new post (about 2 per day)
Send an email for every new post except my own

I assume ‘about 2 per day’ means digests are sent, not a separate email for every new post. (It should probably say ‘send me a digest of new posts (about 2 per day)’ to be more accurate.)

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see the default email digest frequency setting too

lol, my setting on here says “about 127 per day” :laughing:

The ‘default digest’ setting seems to be for something other than mailing list mode.

Mine says ‘127 per day’ , which would be about every 10 minutes, maybe this is tied to the editing time on a new post?

this topic seems related and suggests that users get emails for their own posts:

When I was testing DIscourse back in March/April, I could not find a mailing list mode setting where users got copies of their own posts, but they did get everyone else’s.

IMHO, getting copies of your own posts via email doesn’t make much sense if you post online, it makes more sense if you’re posting via email, because unless you get a copy of it, you don’t know if it went through or not unless you log in to the Discourse server, and in mailing list mode that shouldn’t have to be necessary.

It’s kind of an edge case, though people coming from a classic mailing list manager might not think that.

(Mailman would maintain the original message-id header, which would cause some ISP’s, notably AOL, to drop that message as one the user has already seen, since the user wrote it. Discourse generates a new message-id, so that shouldn’t happen.)

i kinda want to try it on here just to test it out but i don’t want 127 emails

Mine says 127, does yours say 172?

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no you’re correct. i have dyslexia.

btw i think you are correct - the mailing list mode overrides the activity summery digest (which is what i think default email digest frequency setting refers to).

well i enabled mailing list mode and getting my own posts so we’ll see what happens… :thinking:

oh hey i got notified right away via email. lets see if i get notified back of this one sent by email.

I’ll have to try it on my testbed server again, where I can see what the site settings are and adjust them. Probably won’t happen this week, though.

And if you send two posts in short succession, will you get one email or two?

Mike Nolan

it seems to be working as expected here. i am using mailing list format and not online on Meta and am getting emails for each post here, including my own. i am also getting emails for other topics i have set to be notified for.

OK, thanks, I’ll have to do more experimenting on my testbed server.

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i had to turn it off because my email box was getting too busy and i prefer posting here directly. but i have to say it seems like mailing list mode with being notified of every post works for own posts and it’s pretty quick.

I prefer direct posting, too, but I’ve got hundreds of members who have been using my email-based lists, some for over 30 years, and convincing them to go online might take a long time. (And this topic got started because one of them noted he wasn’t getting copies of his own posts via email.)

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oh i totally get it. i used to use mailing list posting on forums years ago and i quite liked it. i’m glad i tested out the settings here on Meta so i know how it functions for future reference. :slight_smile:

OK, I tested it out and it appears setting the mailing list flag for a user and selecting the first option for frequency of emails (which says 2 times a day on my system and 127 times a day on the Discourse meta system, for some strange reason) seems to actually send out each new post right away. Must be an interaction effect between the site settings and the user settings.

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i moved this to support since it seems you have what you need.