Editing a post in filtered topic hides the "Show all" button

Steps to reproduce. On a site with “filtered replies” enabled:

  1. Click on a post’s replies or in-response-to
  2. Edit one of the visible posts and hit “Save changes”

Expected behavior. I’m not sure which one of these is intended, but both would work:

  • The filter remains and the “Show all” button is still visible.
  • The filter is removed

Actual behavior: The filter remains but no “Show all” button appears. The only way to see all posts is to reload the page manually.

@pmusaraj I’m not sure if this is related to yesterday’s fix


@codinghorror What do you think about this one?

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I have this on my todo list @Nacho_Caballero, just haven’t had time to look into it. But will do so, soon.


Another thing I’ve noticed (not sure if it’s the same or another bug), is that when you reply on a filtered topic and then click to show some of the previous hidden replies, the new reply appears on top of the older replies.

The order goes back to normal after refreshing the page.


Apologies for the delay @Nacho_Caballero, this is now fixed. It should keep the filters and the bar with the “Show All” button visible after editing a post or replying.

Here’s the relevant commit.


Thanks a lot, Penar. I love your minimalist bug fixes. :sunglasses:


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