Filter by user + Scrollbar interaction

To Repro:

  1. Go to Topic List Previews

  2. Filter by someone’s posts, effect easier to see if you filter by someone with less posts eg

  1. Go to the bottom and open “n hidden replies”. If you filtered by the above user it’d be 436 hidden replies at the time of writing.

  2. Scroll up some amount using the discourse scrollbar, the topic “reloads” and closes the previously opened replies.

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@sam we are gonna run into this more often as we get into the “filter by replies” stuff, because “filter by user” is so similar.


I can’t reproduce the issue when I follow the steps in the OP, the 600+ initially hidden replies at the bottom do not get re-hidden after scrolling up and then down the page. I tried both using the topic timeline and the browser’s default scrollbar.

Maybe it’s magically been fixed in the past 4 months?