Editing category settings causes category to be muted for the current user

I think this is quite a serious bug:

  1. Go to a category
  2. Look at the buttons in the top right, notice I have “normal” notification level
  3. Click edit
  4. Don’t change any settings
  5. Click “save”
  6. Page refreshes, observe notification level has changed to “Muted”

I am running the absolute latest tests-passed (updated 10 mins ago), and can replicate this on every category on my forum.

Looking at my dev tools, it looks like a POST is being sent to the notifications endpoint immediately after clicking save on the category settings.:

(ignore poll/results items, they’re messagebus/mini-profiler respectively)

I’ve noticed a few support requests on meta that are probably caused by this. For example, this topic.

I am also seeing some random topics change to a muted state, but can’t reproduce this consistently. The root cause might be the same.

The extra POST request makes me think this is a client-side issue rather than server-side. @joffreyjaffeux could this be related to the select-box changes for notification levels?


Well this would be very unlikely caused by the component… but nothing astonishes me in programming. Let me try to remove the component from the page to see if I can still reproduce.


Probably related to the component, no idea why atm, I will investigate and push a fix, thx.


I have the fix for categories, I’m looking at topics, and I have some chicken and egg problem, but will find a solution.


Should be fixed by:


Will track it once deployed.


Wow this is a very bad regression. You’ll need to track this closely and monitor customer support for sites affected :frowning: