(Possible) Intermittent issues with topic tracking status

Putting this here instead of a bug since I’m not sure how to repro at the moment or what the exact issue is…

In any case, some of my users noted in that Discourse wasn’t tracking a particular topic for them, even though it should have been since they had all replied to it (and had kept that setting in their preferences). I also had a bit of weirdness lately where a new category I made had been muted without any input from me, not sure if that was related though.

I am trying to pin down how much this is occurring, but I don’t know of a good way to log this or track it. Most of the topics in the forum seem okay so maybe it was just the one topic, but by its nature this would be a bit difficult to notice if something was going wrong. I also don’t post quite enough here or on other Discourse forums to be able to say whether anything is out of the ordinary outside of my own forum.

So I guess what I’m looking for is any thoughts on how I might better track this issue, and maybe whether or not anyone else has experienced anything similar.

Could this be related to this?


I think it’s definitely related for this bit:

I’m still trying to sort out the issue with that one topic though, it wasn’t muted or in a muted category for anyone, it just doesn’t appear to have been switched from the ‘Normal’ to ‘Tracking’ status correctly.

Hi @Yuun,

a push has been fixed for this issue, it should resolve your issue if it was related to the kind of issue we had with the categories, can’t be 100% sure as I couldn’t reproduce it, please let me know if you have other reports of this issue.


Thanks @joffreyjaffeux, my forum is up on latest now and hopefully good to go. :slight_smile:

I’ve told my users to let me know if anything weird happens, and I’ll be keeping an eye out myself.


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