Editing the deletion message of a topic makes it hard to see it was deleted

When a user (with the ability to edit) (via min trust to edit post) deletes a topic they created, the background turns red (the deleted class gets added to div.topic-post) and the text becomes “(topic withdrawn by author)” but the topic is still open.

This becomes a problem if, after deleting, the user edits the contents of the first post in the topic:
when they hit save, the red background disappears (no deleted class) but the topic gets closed (if you check the wrench, you’ll see the option to “Open” the topic even though it doesn’t appear to be closed).

This means that other users won’t be able to reply to it and admins won’t see any problem because it looks like a regular topic.

Although, now that I think of it, the problem might be that users with edit privileges should not be able to edit their deleted posts (without undeleting first). This is what happens with admins: they get “Invalid access” when they try to edit a deleted post.

Can not reproduce this. Actually, there is no logical explanation why a deleted post by a mod must also close, as no one will be able to see or reply. What you mention happens when a non-mod deletes their topic. If that’s the case, the topic gets closed to prevent any other posts.

I just updated my description. It turns out it’s not moderators, but users with edit privileges.

Like the original poster or TL4? Nvm, just read your edits. Basically, yeah… a user must restore their topic in order to edit it. Then, the topic gets open automatically.

Well, that’s the thing. When a user can edit their own deleted topics (not sure if this is always TL4 or if it can be customized), the topic gets closed after the edit. Deleting it doesn’t actually close it.

Just to clarify some things:

  • When a mod deletes the topic, they can not edit it while it being deleted.

  • A regular user or TL4 can not edit their post if deleted. They can:

    • Restore it (automatically opens)
    • Edit it again
Tried it as a regular user and a TL4

Can you perhaps share a screen record of the bug happening?

Ok, here goes:

I just created user Nacho33, who is neither an admin or a mod, but a TL4


I impersonate it and create a topic. Now I delete it. Then, I’m able to edit it and I see that it has been closed:

Sep-03-2020 12-11-42

Ahh, now I get it. When you delete a post this message appears: (topic withdrawn by author, will be automatically deleted in __ hours unless flagged). By editing it, you are actually editing the deletion message and not your post.

Let’s say you have created a topic with 3 long paragraphs. When you delete it and press edit, you will not be able to edit the paragraph, but the aforementioned message. That’s why it stays closed and you will have to re-open it. If you open it, the topic will still remain deleted and the message above will stay there unless you restore it.

Editing a deleted post doesn’t close it, because it has already been closed. You are just editing the reason why it got deleted (and therefore closed).

You just don’t see the closed icon, because you are not refreshing the page. Once you refresh, the :lock: icon will appear.

Confirmed. If I refresh, I can see that the deleted topic is indeed closed, but only by going to the wrench icon and looking for the lock. If the user deletes the “topic withdrawn” text, there is no visual indication that the post/topic was actually deleted or closed (even after the refresh, no “small action” post appears).

Would you agree this can be confusing if instead of a TL4, an inexperienced TL1 has edit privileges?

I would have never thought of editing the deletion message, but this actually happened to one of my new users today. I’ve updated the title of this topic to better convey the issue.

AFAIK and tested, if you remove the deletion message, the topic will still remain closed.

I agree with you though that it’s kind of confusing. Not sure if it’s a bug though, as everything mentioned sounds logical to me.


Also agreed. This might actually be more of a UX feature request. Maybe @awesomerobot can weigh in.