Editor: Auto-continuing lists

A feature request from one of our users:

  1. Write a post in the editor. Start with an introductory paragraph.
  2. Click the ordered list (or unordered list) button.
  3. Replace the highlighted “List item” text with your first list item.
  4. Press enter to move to a new line.
  5. The editor should pre-populate a second list item.

According to this user, this is how they expected the editor to behave (similar to Gmail and other editors).


+1 Feels weird having to do it manually

Would also be nice to select text that’s already got line breaks and click the button to make it a list (ie. to match the behaviour of the code and quote buttons)


Since I can’t like it again, I’ll just quote and say YES, PLEASE!

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I suppose the difficulty comes with nested lists. Does clicking the button while lines are selected de-list the items, or indent them further?

I swear there used to be a key combo I could use to continue a list - something like option + return but that hasn’t worked in a while.

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