Editor auto full size, no more dragging please

How can I make the editor start out filling the full page rather than small and requiring the user to drag it to be larger? Can I disable this UX approach so the editor always fills the screen? No, I do not mean full screen, why? Because full screen doesn’t have any buttons to create or post your reply and thus isn’t useful for me. I want an editor that fills my screen but I can also post from.

I have read posts that say the editor should remember the size I drag this to, e.g. post, i’m guessing switching between window sizes, monitors, and desktops, make that hard to remember. I would prefer to never ever have to drag the editor again.

TL;DR how can I make the editor fill the whole page when someone clicks create topic or reply? On any device. Yep, I always want it to fill all available space. I do not want full screen, that mode does not let you post from it.

Thank you!

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Is this from a user perspective, or are you an admin and would like to add this customization to your site?

An admin could add this CSS to a theme, which would force the composer to always occupy the full-page height.

body:not(.ios-safari-composer-hacks) #reply-control.open {
  --min-height: 100vh;

This also prevents it from being resized at all, so other people on your site that don’t want this might find it annoying.


Awesome, this is exactly what I was looking for, thank you Kris!

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