Ability to view only the body of a topic in fullscreen in composer, on tablet when preview is hidden

Current experience

So on tablet composer (iPad Pro 10.5 inch) when editing a topic, I often find myself wishing that the post part of the composer could be made bigger when the preview is hidden.

Right now I can only see four lines of my post at once:

The body is where i spend most time, compared to typing a title and selecting tag / category. But currently it takes up less than 50% of the space available above the keyboard and below all the browser stuff:

Example from another app

In the Markdown-compatible note-taking app that I use, called Bear, I can see eight lines at once even when the font is bigger:

(I know that in a website, there are constraints from the browser etc. but I added a heading to make it a bit more similar)

New fullscreen mode on tablet (mockup)

I thought it would be nice if there is another fullscreen mode on tablet for the composer, where I could make only the body part fullscreen, so that I could see more lines of my post at once:

In fullscreen:

  • the title, category, tag and top bar of the composer are hidden until you exit out of fullscreen
  • The Save Topic / Create Topic button could be overlayed on the right, so that it doesn’t need a whole row to itself.
  • there would also need to be a button to exit out of full screen (I didnt add that in the mockup)

Perhaps the width could also be increased in this fullscreen mode – for me, since the preview is hidden, I’m not really too fussed about the width of the editor matching the width of how posts appear in topics.

(I am aware that it doesn’t really work well or look good if it were to be full width when the preview is hidden. But in Bear for example, the right and left margins are closer to the screen edges than the current tablet composer in Discourse when the preview is hidden, allowing for more space.)

Do you use the forum in mobile or desktop view?

In desktop view, I have a button to use the full-screen composer at the top right, which has a similar effect to the one you suggest.

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Ohh thanks for showing me that.

I did know about that button on desktop, but i never saw it in tablet because it seems to disappear once the keyboard is up (even when you close the keyboard again, it’s not visible)

I will change this topic to support and have it closed. And will instead make a new topic for that button to be visible on tablet when the keyboard is up

I do use it in Desktop view

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Interesting that your button disappears, mine does not, but I don’t have an iPad

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