Editor for Light/Dark theme does not clear between fields

While adding a copyright notice to the footer of my system I noticed that the “Edit CSS/HTML” theme editor did not ‘flush’ the edit buffer contents when moving from a field with data to an unused field.

As a result, when I clicked on Footer (which had been empty) my CSS contents were presented there as if they were existing content.

I sorted it out, but that seems like it could be a pretty simple fix which might avoid confusion in the future.

Can you repro this @tshenry?

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Hey @Cardinalflyer. I just want to make sure I am understanding correctly. Are the steps below accurate?

  1. Go to the “Edit CSS/HTML” page of a theme
  2. Enter some CSS into the “Common” CSS section
  3. Select the (empty) “Common” Footer section
  4. CSS code from step 2 displays in the “Common” Footer section

If the above is what you experienced, I’m unable to repro on Safari, Firefox, or Chrome. If there’s more to the story, please let me know.

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Have you updated recently? I believe this was a bug that was fixed recently, but I can’t find the specific topic for it.


I’m with Discourcehosting.com, the dashboard says Discourse was updated July 15th.

@tshenry, you are pretty close to what I’m seeing.

I have just a little CSS code in the CSS tab. When I click on the ‘edit CSS/HTML’ button it starts with the CSS field:

If I then click on, say, /head, (notice that it is not bold, showing that it is empty) the tab shading changes but the edit window does not:


If I click on ‘header’ (which has content) the edit window loads it properly:


Next I click on ‘after header’ and the edit buffer stays:


I am using Chrome. Thanks!

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Hey, thanks for the extra info! As @awesomerobot mentioned, I seem to recall this being a bug that did get fixed. Can you see if the [Communiteq](https://www.communiteq.com) (formerly DiscourseHosting) guys can update your site? If they aren’t able to update you on-demand, can you report back once you do get updated?


Sure, I can do that. Luckily this issue doesn’t impact day to day work.

I have another issue which is also supposed to have been resolved after that 7/15th date… I’ll just watch for an update and come back to check.

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