Edit CSS/HTML of custom theme not appearing

In the past I had edited my Discourse installation to create a custom theme. I went to alter it today and the boxes to edit the code in don’t seem to show up (in Chrome 75). It just looks like this:

The “hide unused fields” box being checked shows that there is code there, but it just won’t show anything when I click on those sections. My admin dashboard says I’m up to date on the latest version of Discourse.

Thanks for any help in advance.

Are there any console errors on that page?

Do you see the same issue if you use one of the core themes? If yes, please try in safe mode and see if issue persists.

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Ah yes, I get a 429 error fetching mini-profiler-resources/results.

The same error happens in safe mode, presumably because it’s not a JS error but something having to do with the server.

Any idea what might be causing that 429 error?


The mini-profiler errors are probably unrelated.

Do you see the input box to edit the theme if you switch themes? Do you see it in safe mode?

Ah, sorry it wasn’t clear. The input box does not appear in safe mode which is why I assumed the 429 error had something to do with it.