Footer text doesn't populate after recent update

Currently, my forum is showing the default footer text, despite having footer stuff identified:


I see that the latest commit DEV: Lowercase all settings (#38) · discourse/Discourse-easy-footer@a766346 · GitHub by @tgxworld changed the capitalization of the IDs in question, maybe there’s now a mismatch between my settings and the variables being loaded?

Forum in question is; footer is visible in topics and other non-endless pages

Aha: Updating a value manually convinced the data to propagate. Workaround achieved :slight_smile:


This was caused by a bug in our theme migrations system that was introduced about 4 weeks ago. This has been fixed in


I am currently on 3.3.0-beta1-dev (same problem after 3.2.0 “downgrade”) and the footer worked until we changed links, then the links dont show (categories are empty). I have removed and re-installed it… its a bit flaky, I am not completely sure when the (some) link entries not show up.

What I notived is that you cant use comma in title (even when its the last option). and there is a open github pull request because Link group title is ignored.

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