Edits on Private Messages should generate a notification

On regular topics, editing someone else’s post generates an ‘edited’ notification (notification_type: 4).

However, if the topic is a PM, the edited pencil appears (because a post_revision is generated) but the recipient is not notified and no notification appears in /notifications/edits.

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Hmmm, is this a bug … or a feature request.

Only editors in that case would be mods, maybe they don’t want the users notified?


Fair enough. I wasn’t sure if it was the intended behavior or not.

I just found it surprising when I found out that PM edits didn’t behave like regular post edits because the visual edit indicator was the same.

Along the same lines, I think some weeks ago, when editing someone else’s PM, the button would display “Save edit”, but after a recent update it now displays “Message”, which is confusing since the message has already been sent. :thinking:

The only other alternative I can think of is that there’s a problem with the translation (my site is in Spanish).


Oh, I just noticed the same while editing a whisper, but I wasn’t sure if it used to say “Save edit” or anything other than “Whisper”.

That regressed in UX: Composer actions menu should display the icon of selected action by OsamaSayegh · Pull Request #12449 · discourse/discourse · GitHub

I think the desired UI is “icon + save edit label” in those cases.

cc: @Osama


Editing a whisper should generate a notification, but not a PM. I agree with @sam.

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Thanks, Jeff. Yes, I agreed here.

What Jarek and I were referring to is something else related to the language in the buttons when editing (regardless of the notification).

Thanks for letting us know! This PR should fix this regression: