Editing posts cause notification


I have been updated some featured/pinned topics and they seem to be sending out updates every time that I update them. Is there a way to disable this? “Watch first Post” shouldn’t trigger if the post is just slightly edited as far as I can tell?


What you’re describing is not really possible.

What do you mean by “I have been updated”? What exactly did you do, step by step? Describe it in detail? Your question is unanswerable until you provide this information.

Edits don’t alert anyone in Discourse… ever, that I can think of. You will be notified if someone else edits your post by default, using the typical Discourse notifications.

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Edits notify the original author. I get notifications when @codinghorror fixes my posts with alarming frequency. (I don’t think it’s what this person is describing, but it is edits giving notifications)

Edit: oops

As I said above, already…

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Sorry fort he lack of clarity.
For some reason, editing a post that I created would notify other users of the edit. It appears that it occurred in topics that used the tagging of a group and that group would be notified (even if the tag was not a new one).

  1. Create a post with multiple tags of groups of members
  2. Let it propagate and send notifications. Wait whatever number of minutes is needed for it to send out to any current watch lists/etc.
  3. Come back to the post and edit it.
  4. Add something useless, like the word unicorn and note that the right hand side of the edit window alerts that you will notify the groups in the post despite not having added or edited anything to do with those tags.
  5. Save
  6. Check the logs and note that all members in those groups are now notified of the edit (though the notifications appear as a New Topic notification.

Interesting so this is specific to group mentions? Perhaps you can try to repro this when you have time @jomaxro

It appears to be on my end at least.

I have not been able to repro this. I tested it on try, with 3 users. In one post I mentioned all of them individually, in the other I mentioned a group all 3 were in. They all received the initial mention notification, they did not receive further notifications on edit.

I’m unsure about the type of notification here. Are you referring to a notification that appears on your user profile, i.e., as an extra entry in the list that appears when you click on your avatar up right?

Or is it a small blue dot next to the topic title in the topic list?

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