Educate users to write well-structured posts

Continuing the discussion from Catch and educate users posting code without properly formatting it:

imagine there were something like “Yoast seo” alarms when you were writing a post:

  • if you add an image to your post, others will be engaged more!

  • you paragraph is longer than 250 characters! you may like breaking it into two paragraphs.

  • your post is more than 900 words, but it lacks any h1,h2 headers! do you want to add any?

  • or …

some educations that helps you write better formatted posts based on SEO points. and by SEO points I mean things that make a post more effective for reading.

is it possible? do you think it can help users in learning how to write?



There is a lot of risk here, far more than detecting code, which is rather different than typical human language.

And not all posts should have an image, nor does a post of 900 words need headers…

I agree, that’s why it just gives simple suggestions to users.

one use-case can be for blog posts. from technical point of view, It can help the SEO of forums. from the UX point of view, it can really help forums to have better structured posts which can be read easier.

lots of users write the way they used to in forums (just like a chat software), while they can be educated to write better and in a more readable style.

Also it can be a setting for the admins to turn it on or off.