Suggest Edits Feature

One of my favorite parts of StackOverflow and the StackExchange family of sites is the feature to suggest edits to a post. It allows posts to become better and easier to read.

Would it be possible to add something like this to discourse? A forum user could recommend edits to a post. These edits could be only accepted and added to the post by the OP or a forum admin.

If a user sent a spam suggestion, it could simply be declined by the OP or staff.


This feature would be very welcome indeed.

For example,

  • there are many posts where images are posted as links, instead of embedding them into the post (link rot usually sets in pretty fast, taking a huge chunk of article context with it)

  • there are tons of readability features that casual users never heard of (e.g., collapsible/expandable section; I found out about this from the Prolog Discourse :))

I am not against adding this feature, but it is a massive project and we simply do not have bandwidth to head down this path in the near / mid future.

I implemented the original feature for Stack Overflow and it took quite a while to get right.