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Thanks Neil.

While we’re at it: do you (or other active members here) have any best-practice to share about educating members with respect to existing tags ? It’s in everybody’s best interest for topics to be accurately tagged, but I find there are a few grey zones (these are concerns for now, granted I’ve not experienced it yet). Here’s a use-case:

  • I’ve defined tags feature1 , feature2, feature3 under group product1, all requiring parent tag product1
  • members of my forum might naturally tend to tag featureX, which won’t be autocompleted because productX should actually be tagged
  • I’d like my members to know that, would they tag product2, then all these tags would be available to them

The instance_url/tags is quite nice in that respect, but I was (and am still) very surprised to see that it’s not linked anywhere in the UI. :frowning: Apart from pinning a post where I send users to this tags page and/or share best-practice, I don’t see how I can pass the message (nor which Discourse UI/UX features can help me on that).

Happy to get input from other forum mods/admins on this.


P.S.: I guess one might argue that products are less tag-like , and could rather be mapped with categories. But I don’t see this working best for us: our products work together (no strict silo), and we’re more leaning towards categories like ‘Get help’/‘Report bug’/'Discuss best practices’
P.S.2: the above context got me thinking that a ‘Discover tags’ link somewhere close to the tag input field could be a nice UX improvement

Tags: category restrictions, tag groups, relationships
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Educating myself (and others potentially):

That is wrong, there is a shiny Tags link right there in the hamburger menu close to your avatar. :open_mouth: (my bad for missing it so far)

Still open to feedback/thoughts about getting members to better understand the notion of parent tag, and have upfront visibility on the tags hierarchy.