Email Delivery Delay notification for a user account that added a email address that isn't available

A user joined the Discourse forum using an email ID which doesn’t exist. My noreply email address is receiving a “Email Delivery Delayed” email every day since past few days…

How to solve this issue? Should I contact user to change email manually or any auto delete users who doesn’t verify email ID?

Is there any setting to stop getting these Delivery problem emails?

Firstly this would depend on what is the e-mail service that is doing that, it may automatically cancel after a few more days.

Contacting the user would be a good first step if that is possible, but if their email ID doesn’t exist that would usually prevent them from being able to authenticate an account unless you disabled that.

If you have a hosted site with discoursemail the team will be able to help you with that, but is this on a different kind of server with other mail provider?


Self-hosted website on Digitalocean. I use Google Worspace email service for SMTP and default mail.

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There may be a setting for this with the Google Workspace admin dashboard, and if you can contact their support team hopefully they will have answers for your questions.

Might be some helpful information here:

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