GCP, Namecheap, not receiving admin registration email

My VM is on GCP, with Ubuntu 18.04. Domain and DNS setup with Namecheap. My email is also with Namecheap.

Just got ./discourse-setup to run through.
discourse is at discourse.solarnauts.net.

i’ve setup email according to the Namecheap info with:

Email: blah@solarnauts.net (blah is fake here)
smtp address : mail.privateemail.com
smtp port: 587
smtp username: blah@solarnauts.net

I am not getting the admin registration email at my email address, although it does receive emails from e.g. my personal gmail account.
I contacted Namecheap support to let them now about discourse requirement for the email:

To ensure mail deliverability, you must add valid SPF and DKIM records in your DNS. See your mail provider instructions for specifics.

They said SPF records were already setup. And they added the DKIM record following that request. Said to wait 1 hour for things to propagate. But after one hour, the admin registration email still won’t reach me.

Here is a screenshot of what things look like on Namecheap (i’ve hidden the IP address of my VM).

Any idea?

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Out of likely that Discourse is sending mail as noreply@discourse.solarnauts.net and your provider refuses to send from that address. See the comment at the end of the app.yml to change the notification email address

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After I change it, am I supposed to run again ./discourse-setup?

Use ./launcher rebuild app to apply the change and restart the forum.

So, I uncommented the line in the app.yml file and replaced the address with my email blah@solarnauts.net like this:
- exec: rails r "SiteSetting.notification_email='blah@solarnauts.net'"

Then I did ./launcher rebuild app

I did the Admin registration again. I still don’t get the email.

Check the logs at the mall service.

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I decided to use Mailgun instead, which was better documented, I should have done that to begin with. Everything is working now. Thanks!