Email domain blacklist with wildcards


I’m trying to block email addresses from a particular domain - from which we seem to receive multiple spam user accounts per hour sigining up.

They come from where can be one of some 20 or so names I’ve seen so far.

I tried adding but that doesn’t match, so then tried * instead but that gives an error in the log that the regex is invalid as there’s no subject for the * character, so I then tried (.*) and that doesn’t match either - I think because the . character in the brackets is being escaped.

Is it possible to add an entry for *

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Yes, simply add as I believe it enforces for all subdomains.

I did already try that, but I’ve put it back in and will see today if we get another signup from a subdomain of that.



Ok, let me know if it does not work. It should, if not we will make it work!

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So with in the email domain blacklist, we just had a signup from so it doesn’t appear to work at present.

Also just now another from

and another from


It must be considering everything after the @ to be the domain as opposed to “ends with”
Depending on how many variations are possible you’ll be playing whack-a-mole without some form of regex here.

How about in addition to an exact match, if the end matches and the email address has a period immediately preceding the specified domain, that’s also a match.

@techapj please make it so that this does a simple exact match, and then a ‘period ends with’ match on the string.

So if someone enters

in the email domain blacklist it will match all these:

but it should not match


Okay, made it so: