Email forward plugin



In our installation we had a real need to extract emails from an email chain to create staged or real users for our customers.

The email extraction plugin pulls as many emails as you allow from an email or email chain and creates staged users or temp users based on your settings. The benefit to this is you can extract emails that were included in a forward chain regardless of how long ago.

Upon extraction of the emails, the users are then invited to the topic to which they were included on in the email.

This plugin does not override any built in email functionality.

Use Case:
A company uses this platform to provide assistance to customers, their sales team frequently forwards customer requests to the team and is forced to act as an intermediary. This plugin automatically can stage the users and add them to the topic to see subsequent discussions on the discussion chain.


  • Extract any number of users from an email chain and stage/create the users.
  • Extract any number of users that were CC’d on an email.
  • Invite extracted users to topics where they were included
  • Send email notification to the users (notification varies).

Admin Settings:

  • full user creation enabled - toggles whether a full temporary user should be created.
    NOTE: This user is automatically created and enabled, it makes sense in my use case but use at your own discretion.

  • should invite enabled - toggles whether users who were extracted should be added to the topic they were included on.

  • notify users enabled - toggles whether fully created users should receive a notification when automatically generated.

  • notify staged users - toggles whether staged users should get an initial email with the topic they were included on.

  • username prepend - Define a specifc string users should have before their username, ex: autogen###

  • max extracted users - Maximum number of users to be extracted from an email chain.

Example with 3 users in CC (staged):

Example with an email forward with 3 cc’d users in original email:
As you can see with this example, not only are the 3 users who were in cc added but so was the original email recipient.

Feedback is appreciated, this is my first plugin here.


Hi @jordan1909 :wave:

User#approve is deprecated and will be removed soon from tests-passed. I opened a PR to replace it here:


Wow! Nice one! How’d you notice? My guess: a customer is using it?

Nope, this is more around doing a big search for all uses of old API cause we are hard nuking the old API shortly.