Email-in : accept mail with error Email::Receiver::BadDestinationAddress and put it in a «to be sorted» category

I’ve got some trouble with the email in function.
Some of our correspondents send us email via a mailing list that does not include the To: field.
So when the email arrives in the mailbox, Discourse affect them the Email::Receiver::BadDestinationAddress and reject it.

There is also some other problems with obsolete addresses, some failed settings from our team, etc.

A solution to all those problem would be to be able to redirect all «rejected emails», or all «rejected email with these specific errors» into a special category that the admins and moderators would sort out.

Is this something we can already do ? (I can’t find how).
Is this something core material, or plugin material ?

Or maybe something to be added in the mail-receiver container ?

Thx for your help

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