Email-in topics are mailed to users although they are hold for approval

We run a Discourse instance in mailing-list mode, “review every post” is turned on.
Hence, (email-in) topics/posts are hold back for approval, before they are pushed to the according Category.

But: All Email-in posts are immediately sent to all subscribers, even before they get approved.

Is this the expected behavior? Shouldn’t the approval process also hold back out-bound mails to mailing-list subscribers as well?

Thanks for your hints,

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If “approve unless trust level” and “approve new topics unless trust level” are set to a high level, email retention works as I would expect:
Notification mails to mailinglist subscribers are hold back until manual approvement.

Why does “review every post” not achieve the same behavior?

I think because those other settings are explicitly for overriding review every post.

But still: If I want to review every post, this setting (“review every post") also should work and hold mail notification back. Right?

Well, you just said:

. . . so you’ve solved your problem, but it looks like these settings are somewhat conflicting. Without thinking carefully, I think it would make sense to remove review every post since those other two settings accomplish that and that the “approve” settings don’t make sense if review every post is set.