Email on flagged post or those requiring approval

Is this currently possible? If not, can it be added please? I miss it from other forum platforms I have used.

Essentially a site setting that would send an email (immediately) after a post has been flagged or when something requires approval, and only to those who have been listed to receive such a notification.

At the moment there is a notify about flags after and `setting but this sends a PM and to all moderators, with the quickest setting being 1 (hour) after the event. I would not want PM’s getting clogged up with this sort of thing and do not want to bother all moderators, so ideally it would be email only and to those listed for it.

Edit: There’s also a notify about queued posts after setting, so we just need to change it to email and by list of users :smiley:

This is already covered via the methods you described. Note that a PM will send an email notification by the same rules as all other Discourse notifications.

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If the lowest setting is 1 (hour) then it is not an immediate notification - or are you saying setting it to 1 will send an instant notification?

Do we really want PM’s clogged up with these? This could amount to hundreds or thousands of needless PM’s every year. Plus if a mod is on the site they will see the flag anyway. I think the main purpose for something like this is for when we are not on the site (or checking in on it every five minutes).

I set this to 1 last night, and there was a post in the approval queue (for 10 hours by the time I got back on the forum) and we did not receive a PM/notification - so I am not sure it is even working correctly?

Sure, @jomaxro can you verify this is working as expected?

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This is not possible at the moment. There is no way to be immediately emailed when there is a new flag or queued post.

That doesn’t seem right, will test.


Thanks Joshua.

Is it possible you could add this at some point please? It would be very helpful for busy forums/teams :slight_smile:

I also just checked and in the last 29 days there were 210 posts that required approval (we check all first posts of new members for spam), so if those are not being handled within an hour that’s over 2,000 PMs a month for a team of 10. Nearly 25,000 needless PM’s a year, and the figure will only go up as a forum grows. I’m also not sure why a PM would be needed - if a mod is on the forum they will see the red dot anyway. I think an onsite notification, plus an optional email notification would be really nice :blush:

Honestly, I think a far better strategy is spreading the work more vs annoying moderators more.

For example, if any TL3 user could approve new user posts it would spread this far better. Email notifications would rarely be needed if at all.

I would far prefer investing in improving the “queue” so high TL users can be involved more in “spam” and “new user post approval” vs look at driving more work into moderator plates.

For example:

  • A TL1 could flag something as spam
  • A TL3 can see red (1), hit the button
  • Then TL3 marks thing as spam and it is gone


  • A TL0 posts a topic
  • It hits review queue
  • TL3 see the queue and approve post. (if we must we can require 2 TL3 for approval)
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Hi Sam,

I think involving TL3 could definitely help - so long as there were some protections built in (i.e where no permanently destructive action could be taken). So maybe only allow TL3 to approve posts, and defer anything that they don’t feel comfortable approving (or would otherwise mark as spam). That would remove the red dot (and that item out of the approval queue) for them but leave it in for staff.

We have first post and first topic to be approved (IIRC) and that has worked very well so far. On some occasions we have had edit spam tho (so now limit edits to 10 hours - but it still gets thro sometimes). We have this because all of our publicly viewable threads are tweeted to our twitter account, so our goal is to catch spam before it is is made live.

With regards to the email feature, I actually wasn’t intending to use it for our mods - just me. I agree with you that mods shouldn’t be hassled away from the forum, but as admin, I would like an instant email notification about any flags or posts in the approval queue because it is ultimately my responsibility, and also because I would like to deal with these as quick as possible if I am around (which I usually am, just not on the forum all the time). This is why I originally suggested it is list-based, only those listed get these notifications. I still think this would be a valuable addition.

That is all fine, but we need to verify the current behavior has not regressed first.

Sorry for the delay, each test takes at least an hour so checking different cases takes quite some time. I can confirm that moderators receive emails for queued posts, as well as unhandled flags, assuming that they watch the moderator inbox. The site settings notify about flags after and notify about queued posts after both work, though the shortest option is one hour, they don’t support “immediate”.


What is that Joshua?

None us received a PM (so nor an email) for that item that was in there for 10 hours - I’ll carry out a test tho to verify.

By default moderators track the moderator inbox. That means they do not receive emails for PMs to the inbox, just a blue notification on the site with a count of messages in the inbox. To check the notification state of the inbox, visit /my/messages/group/moderators.


Mine is set to ‘watching’ but I still did not receive a PM…

It seems mods were getting this, however it hasn’t gone down well…

Can you please deactivate this setting? Having a useless notification that hogs in my inbox even after someone else has taken care of the post creates a lot of noise.

And when I asked for further details as I wasn’t getting them myself…

No email, just a notification about " x messages in your moderators inbox", with x beeing a continually increasing natural number.

And after this message has landed in the moderators mailbox, there is no way to get rid of it but reading it, its also there even after the original post has been removed from the approval queue, either by approval or rejection.

I then added myself to the ‘moderators’ group and I got the same thing.

However I see Robin has posted a topic, so probably best to continue the discussion there: Proposal: Consolidated Review Queue

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