Email into group sends empty notification

Very latest discourse.

Discourse adds an entry for when email groups:

and does an explicit, empty email for that:

Update: Looks like it adds a staged user for the target address (support2) of a gruop and then sends an empty notification about that.


Where do these staged users live? Can they be viewed in the admin User list?

I am testing this out too.

They’re in the users list, but they show as light gray.

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What version are you running? This was fixed by


Note that there are two issues here:

  • It stages a user for the “incoming email” for a group
  • It adds the user to the group as extra user and mails about it

Just pushed a fix about that specific issue :wink:

Also, you might want to disable emails (both “Send me an email when someone messages me” and “Send me an email when someone quotes me, replies to my post, mentions my @username, or invites me to a topic”) for all the staged users with email matching a group’s incoming email. I might make this automatic but for now a manual workaround is enough.


Cool. Ofc this fix will hide the notification issue.

Btw: really impressed with this feature. Reported a few issues but really liking it so far.

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Got a bunch of “Carlo_Kok” accounts now for email addresses like:

( is my incoming email domain). Will this fix that too?

What does your “reply_by_email_address” setting look like?

If it’s %{reply_key} then yes :wink:

thanks. Upgrading now :slight_smile:

I think I understand now. I email to which is an alias to The fix seems to work for the last one directly, but not the first one, which is the incoming address for the group.

I actually did make it automatic because it wasn’t that hard and was annoying the hell out of me :smiling_imp: