Add users to group using email ids does not work as expected

We are using Discourse v 3.3.0.beta1.
We someone tries to add users to any group using email ids, the checkbox to send notification turns grey everytime, even if we tick the checkbox.

Could you please check ?

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It seems to me that it’s not searching for emails when I tried.

Hi @pfaffman,

When I try that function user gets added but the email notification is missing.

Just so I have clarity. You mean the email with last bk to signup/join group is not sent to the email invite not sent?

If so may have ran into that myself as well. Was not sure though as that friend at times can be different with following instructions.

I was able to get him to signup without a link; but he forgot/failed to let me know so I could manually add him to the private group. After seeing he signed up and I confirmed adding him to the group. Has yet to revisit.

Which part of the idea is to get our Volunteer Fire Dept better organized with info and cross communication. :man_facepalming: :laughing:

You can’t add users to discourse with the group dialog. If you want to invite users to discourse you need to use the invite interface.