Email::Receiver::NoBodyDetectedError on forwarded email

For the past two months or so, I am continuously getting the following error on forwarding any email to a category of my discourse instance:

Incoming Email Details

Error Email::Receiver::NoBodyDetectedError

Happens when we couldn't extract a body and there were no attachments.

I have tried all three possibilities in the “forwarded emails behaviour” setting, but to no avail.

Are others facing the same? IIRC, it used to just work earlier by creating a new topic with the contents of the quoted forwarded email. Is the expected behavior for forwarded emails documented somewhere (I could not find it)?

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Update: It is still happening. Would someone be able to take a look?

When I copy-paste the forwarded email in the text box at /admin/email/advanced-test, it seems to be parsed correctly with separation between the text body and elided header information, but I don’t understand why is the email rejected with no body error when actually received by discourse.