Email notifications are not sent

Hello there.

I just setup Discourse 2.5.0.

Everything works fine except email notifications. My smtp works fine, because invites are sent almost instantly.

But notifications of mentions and direct messages are not sent. In the logs, the message are considered sent, no error. When I’m trying to send a test message, the message are not delivered either. But, and that’s the weird part, if I send an invite to the same adress, the test emails are sent with the invite…

Of course I checked the notification email parameter and time windows, and the notifications settings in the user preferences.

What am I missing ?


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This definitely means your email isn’t set up correctly. Did you check logs on your email provider?

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Well, like I wrote the invites are sent correctly. No error in the smtp server, in fact, the mail aren’t delivered to the smtp server.

But I tried to switch off the mails with the disable mail option to yes (it was set to no, of course) and switch it back on. Sounds like it’s working now. Weird.

But thanks for you help anyway @codinghorror