Email notifications for chat should respect "private email" site setting

Hey everyone, as a new user I can’t create a topic in the support category, so I’m trying to just post this here for now.

For the chat plugin, is there any way to turn off email notifications site-wide, or to alter the template to not include the content?

In Settings > Email there’s a ‘private email’ option that limits what’s visible in emails. That is necessary for security purposes in our private community. We’ve started using the chat plugin, and we’re now seeing full content of chat messages showing up in inboxes which is an issue. I was hoping that ‘private email’ would cover the chat plugin as well but it appears that it does not. We need this same functionality for chat email notifications so any guidance on how we can implement that would be greatly appreciated.

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If it did cover chat, would that be your preferred approach to meet the need within your community? Or would you prefer emails from chat to be disabled entirely still?

Should “not” be “now” above?

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Yes, our preference would be for chat notifications to still go out but just be stripped of all content like the ‘private email’ feature does.

Yes, thanks for noticing that.