Email problems with new domain

I finally had a chance to install discourse. I got stuck on smtp stage of installation for couple of hours. I tried using all suggested email providers but no luck. Sendgrid wasn’t totally free. Mailgun I couldn’t even get pass the registration, I think they either had an attack of some sort or some troubleshooting going on. SparkPost i tried to register and verify my domain name but no luck. I think it was because my domain name was empty. I went with another provider but even they told me that my domain is empty and they have some considerations that maybe I’m trying to use them for bad purposes:) I had a chat with them and told them that I’m trying to install discourse forum and in order to do that I need a proper smtp setup. Good thing they were helpful and I got approved in 10 minutes.

My question is, is there any particular approach on installing the discourse on a clean, new domain name? Because I thought that SparkPost didnt want to approve me because my domain was empty.

So if my domain is empty then my domain won’t be approved, and if my domain won’t be approved I can’t install the discourse? Or is there something that I’m missing?

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This is outside the scope of Discourse; you’d need to ask your mail provider. Paying them seems to be the fastest way to get approved and sending email.

Sparkpost requires that you set DKIM and SPF DNS records to show that you control the domain. It’s not that it requires that you have a web site set up already.

Mailgun (and every other mail delivery service) similarly requires those configurations to enable sending mail.

You can see my sample post-installation instructions to give you an idea of what it is you need to do to make mail work. My instructions are for Mailgun, but they are very similar for all mail sending services.


Thanks @codinghorror, I know its outside of the scope. Just was curious if anyone had similar issues.
@pfaffman I did set all the records but still no luck. After getting the message that my domain was sent for approval I got a message that I can’t use Sparkpost for this domain.

You mentioned new domain, so maybe it has something to do with that?

Also, you can set up your own local SMTP server if you’d like:

I solved my issue. Thanks for the link:) I went on with Mailgun after all.