Email not working with SparkPost

(Ichy Wayland) #1

Hey! Im trying to setup a little Discourse forum. Im using SparkPost for SMTP, and as far as i can see i’ve setuped it correctly. I can send emails from the SparkPost site with my API key & domain, but when i try to send the Discourse test email it just displays the default email error message. I’ve already contacted my host (DigitalOcean) and email traffic is free on my server. So, how would i troubleshoot this? Is there any known problems with Sparkpost or anything like that?

(Rich Leland) #2

Hi - we’ve got a guide for setting up Discourse with SparkPost here:

I responded to a similar thread over here and it looks like that user was able to get things set up using the guide:

Feel free to jump on our community Slack if you’d like as well - thanks for giving us a try!


Did you config all “domain sender” options?

(ljpp) #4

Could someone more tech savvy explain this:

By default, Discourse will send email from the hostname you configured Discourse with. For instance, if you set the DISCOURSE_HOSTNAME setting to ‘’, Discourse will send emails with the from address

To change this, uncomment and edit this line in your Discourse installation’s app.yml file:

Note that you should replace “” with the sending domain you created and verified earlier.

Now if Discourse uses by default, why does one need to re-configure again in the app.yml? :thinking: