Email replies land as embedded replies, not answers

Continuing the discussion from Discourse Post Voting:

Email replies to Q&A topic land on the topic as comments instead of answers.

Edit: There seem to be three types of replies that are possible:

  1. Answers - can edit, delete
  2. Comments - can edit, delete
  3. Answers that act like comments and show indented under the question - can’t edit, can’t delete, can’t see on mobile. These seem to be coming from email responses.

I can replicate this.

Replying to a notification from a Q&A style topic by email inserts the post as an embedded reply rather than a post within the topic:

This is then undeletable/uneditable through the UI.


These ones shouldn’t exist. :slight_smile: I think the email-in is getting muddled with the Q&A format.

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The above commit should fix this issue. @Chandra can you please test it and let me know?


Seems like it’s working fine for me. :partying_face: