Email summaries: Emoji not showing up properly when used in titles

I wrote a post on my discourse to introduce the emoji “skin tones” and added a string of emojis to the end of the title to make it glaringly obvious what I was talking about.

Here’s how it looks in the email summaries - note the first two are just blue squares, and the last one is a pink square followed by … I suspect the last one got truncated part of the way through the emoji code. (which I suspect is hard to avoid given how short the title can be before it is truncated. An issue I’ve lamented elsewhere)

Here’s the same topic on my discourse - note emojis

And, as I write this post I noticed that oneboxing appears to have a similar issue with emojis in titles


@joffreyjaffeux would need to answer, he worked on this last and would know.


Can we still repro this @joffreyjaffeux?

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AFAIK it’s working: