Emojis in titles?

Our members like to use emoji, and I’ve noticed that sometimes on the lists I see large amounts of whitespace. Turns out the list view does not render the emojis that the user entered in the subject.

Anyone know if these are supported characters? Thought it was interesting that they can render in post view, but not on the subject, even though the input allows it.

☆҉:cocktail::notes::microphone: Huellitas de A~o Nuevo 2016​:cocktail::notes::microphone:☆҉҉

Emoji are supported in topic titles, both Unicode and text.

Not sure if we convert Unicode emoji in titles to the png / text equivalent as we do in post bodies though. @eviltrout?

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Thx @codinghorror, that helps explain things. I seem to see the text equivalent emoji. But the image ones just render as spaces (on desktop)

FYI there’s a bug in chrome where bold text doesn’t render unicode emojis correctly. Works correctly in firefox, and other modern browsers, iirc.



There might be more to this than just assuming the emoji are to blame. Emoji on my forum show up correctly in both text and image versions on both mobile and desktop views.

Unconverted Unicode emoji are subject to rendering limitations on the client as I discussed in


Thx @codinghorror @gdpelican. I think we can give up bolded topic titles in lieu of ensuring that the emojis shine through.

Oh, this might be slightly off topic @codinghorror , but is it known that the most basic smiley notation won’t get picked up if directly followed by punctuation :)?

FYI, this bug appears to be fixed in the latest version of chrome.


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