Email test area should warn if emails are disabled

The admin (emails) area shows sent though email never leaves the discourse server in case the emails are disabled on a discourse instance.
This caused me to rebuild multiple times today during the email testing as everything was working and even discourse-doctor wasn’t able to locate the issue (probably because it does not checks the settings)
a simple warning “emails are disabled” instead of “sent” should be really helpful when emails are disabled and an admin is sending test emails.


There is a banner that says mail is disabled, isn’t there?

I’ve experienced the same problem, though. More than once.

I should add a test to discourse-doctor that checks if mail is disabled.


The setting I was working with had emails disabled for all excerpt staff and hence, no banner because I was using an admin account!

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Hmm I think some redundancy would be good here just in case, perhaps @nbianca can take this?


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