Email textbox is offscreen when registering on mobile

A user on our site today reported an issue where when trying to register using their phone, the email textbox is under their address bar. It’s still editable and focus, but it’s impossible to what is being typed. On my iPhone XS, I can see the caret flashing in in the top left corner of the address bar, offset about 1/2 of the line height up.

We have four custom user fields that make the registration page larger than the standard, but when they were first added everything worked fine. Disabling these fields and the page works correctly. Currently you can scroll down to answer these questions, but you cannot scroll up to see the email.

Adding padding-top:196px to the “.create-account .modal-inner-container” will bring the email box into view on my phone, but on an Galaxy Note 8 it’s overkill and there’s a large blank space.

Loading the site in Desktop mode works correctly and all fields are visible.

can you share a link to your site? that would make troubleshooting much easier

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Sure, it’s

Some changes have been made since this was reported, and I believe the issue is solved. Are you still running into any issues here @Wedgebert?

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Looks like all the fields are appearing now. Only minor cosmetic issue I see is the “Create New Account” header is fixed to appear underneath the safari address bar on my iPhone XS. Not a big deal until you notice it and then what has been seen cannot be unseen.


Yeah definitely more minor, but still worth fixing. I’ll take a look.