Using email address on mobile login and keyboard layout

I often wonder why login forms where you usually input your email address for the username are of type “text” while there is a special keyboard layout on mobile for faster typing of an email address. I think this a bug.


Can you add screenshots here of before and after? How exactly does this affect the field? Was this tested on iOS and Android?

Yes, I have tested on current iOS and I expect no problem on Android. There is no impact on the field, it only changes the standard layout of the keyboard on your cell phone.

Usually when logging into your favourite site with an email address on your cell phone and they do not support this html5 input field type you’d have to switch the keyboard-layout to input the @ and/or . characters. When the username field on the login-form is correctly set up you don’t have to.

Before and After


Looks good to me thank you!

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