How to disable or reduce "update available" emails sent to admins

I suspect that I’m overlooking a simple setting, but is there a way to configure the number of “update available” emails sent to admins? We use a mailing list as our admin email address. It receives repetitive notification of new Discourse release updates being available every 30 minutes or less.

Hooray, a new version of Discourse is available!

Your version: 2.9.0.beta2
New version: 2.9.0.beta3

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I think you’re after the new version emails admin setting. :+1:

Though that’s only a straight on or off, so perhaps not. :thinking:

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Thanks for this. You’re right - we do want to be notified, but ideally, only once. This helps, though.


There’s the version checks that show update info on your admin dashboard, which may be useful as a backup option/alternative? (depending on how often you’re on the dashboard)

The version emails should only send one, but I haven’t used it with a mailing list type set-up so I’m unsure what’s triggering multiple? Is it something that can be tweaked from the mailing list side of things?


That’s a terrible idea. It means that anyone on the list–or with access to it–can hijack or break your site (perhaps without meaning to) without knowing who it was. You should give everyone their own admin account.

But that aside, I only ever remember seeing a single notification per site. You can look at /admin/email/sent and see if it’s listed there multiple times. I don’t think Discourse is doing it, but I don’t know why your mailing list would either.


@pfaffman, agreed. I neglected to include contact in my description of the “use of a mailing list as our admin contact email address.” All admins (all users for that matter) are required to have their own individual account.

Maybe we have a setting askew somewhere. It certainly appears as if this Discourse instance is excited to be upgraded. Here’s the output of the /admin/email/sent screen:


I appreciate this, @JammyDodger. Immediately, and hopefully, temporarily, we’ll disable this setting.


Gotcha. Good question. It’s possible. For what it’s worth, this mailing list is a Google Group. We haven’t seen errant behavior of this form with respect to other emails that this list receives. I double-checked to ensure that there isn’t a circular membership. That’s not the case.


How is your Discourse site hosted @lee7 ? Using our standard install instructions?

The version update emails are sent by a daily Sidekiq job:

There shouldn’t be any reason for the job to run more than once every day. We also have a check to make sure we only notify about a given version once.

All this data is stored in Redis… so my guess would be that you have an unusual Redis configuration?