Can I be notified of new upgrades required of Discourse when using Docker Install?

Hi all

When I occasionally login to my Discourse forum as Admin I can sometimes see there are new upgrades required. But I cannot find any way in which I could be automatically notified by say an email, that there are upgrades available.

Is this possible? I searched the UI and the forum but without success about this …



There’s the new version emails setting you could use:

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Thanks for this . I’ve checked and I am subscribed to these emails, so I suspect somewhere else the emails may be getting blocked as I receive all normal emails from Discourse fine

Strange… I have this setting ticked but I seem to have stopped receiving them last year.

I’ll investigate my install further.

FWIW, I get this for my personal install.

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I have the #feature:announcements category here on my Watching First Post list as a way of being notified about updates and other things.

I have received an update email from my own instance but generally my experience has been that I get the new topic email from here almost immediately (presumably ~10 minutes after it’s posted) and then I update my instance before it has triggered sending the update email.

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